How Does Kurtz Change

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1 Samuel 10:6 says, "The spirit of the lord will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person."(ESV) The aforementioned quote explains that a person can be changed by the spirit of God but a person can also be changed by the evil of the world, as shown in the book, Heart of Darkness. Every second of every hour of every day, people are constantly changing. Every moment is different than the previous, and in those moments, people can experience very little or very great amount of change. No matter the extent to how bad or good the change is, there is always the ability to change back and learn to be a better person. In Conrad's novel, Heart of Darkness, he uses the literary elements such as character development, symbolism, and setting to delineate the theme that people can change. Throughout the book, the two main characters, Marlow and Kurtz, undergo an immense amount of change. When Marlow first arrives to the Congo, he is appalled by the evil that he's sees from the terrible treatment of the company (Conrad). At one point, he…show more content…
Kurtz is a symbol himself. He represents the evil side of people and what you transform into if you are overtaken by it. Kurtz looses grip on civilization by his constant exposure to the evil in the Congo and let's his selfish desires of greed and fame destroy his morals. Darkness represents the darkness hidden inside that exists in all of us, and if we do not tame it and control it, it will take over and change us. Another symbol is the ivory. Ivory represents the greed and destruction of selfish desires. If we are living for the wrong reasons and pursuing what the world promotes as success, we will become corrupt in the influence it had on us. For example, Kurtz possesses the most ivory and will do whatever it takes to get it, yet he is the most animal like and brutal character because of
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