Informative Speech On Breast Cancer

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As we all know there are plenty of genetic diseases you have Autism, Down Syndrome, Skin Cancer, Sickle Cell, etc. These diseases can and could be very deadly. Though many people suffer from these diseases they always find some joy in suffering from a horrifying disease. The genetic disease that could be the most common is breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that is something that isn’t passed down, but could be genetically involved with families. Breast cancer is a genetic disease that can be beat and cured through many procedures. Also this awful disorder can make you want to give up and take its course throughout your body. Having this disorder can take motivation, encouragement, and a lot of support from family and friends. If you…show more content…
There are many Breast cancer traditions such as the 5k, fund raisers, and the month of Breast cancer awareness. “Breast Cancer awareness is an effort to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment”. Breast cancer awareness is celebrated through the month of October. The way to support the cause of breast cancer is to wear pink or the breast cancer symbol. The breast cancer symbol is the pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is the representation of the person that has the disease is fighting it. So to support this cause the supporters will wear pink in football games, some run the 5k, or everybody that has a family member with cancer or that has pasted from it will wear a…show more content…
Breast Cancer isn’t inherited by no form or shape, but it can be hereditary. “Breast Cancer isn’t an inherited trait, but the way it is developed is by a mutated gene that is inherited by the mother or father”. Breast cancer can be thrown into any human beings traits. This is because the mother, father, or grandparents of the patient has had it in their family, and it has made its way to the next generation. The statistics on breast cancer being hereditary in the family gene is 4 out 25 family members. From male to females mainly in females every human has cancer cells, but the correct body cells will keep that one mutated gene cell under

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