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A Cheerful Bluebird: Bringing Peace to Penguins In Barbara Hately and Warren Schmidt’s book, A Peacock in the Land of Penguins, diversity in the workplace is an exceedingly prevalent topic throughout the entire story. It is easy to see the issues risen and comparable to our current society in regards to Human Relations. The birds in the story are examples of humans who face the same issues of not being accepted into the workplace because of differences in appearance, work style, and many more issues. It is impactful to see how this simple, poetic-style book can explain our society’s lives absolutely perfectly. Many different birds were brought into the story. One could realize and compare them to individuals like ourselves, and see how…show more content…
The Bluebird is seen as the cheerful individual of a group. They try to make the best of difficult situations. Taking many different Human Relations and personality tests, positivity, optimism, and the ability to include have always been my greatest traits. Hately and Schmidt state, “You may be the kind of person who can put a positive spin on any situation. You may…put a positive spin on any situation” (118). I agree with this statement whole heartedly. I consider myself to have the ability to mend any difficulties or hardships that individuals may be experiencing, regardless if it is in the workplace or a group project at a university. While the group is being stressed about due dates or quality of the work, I make sure to keep everyone at a positive mental level in order to keep production at its highest. According to the authors, this “Bluebird Strategy” can be extremely effective because of what one can achieve when there is a high level of positivity between groups of people. Now of course, I cannot singlehandedly expect to do everything myself or sit back on rely on others. It takes a group of people working together with many different traits in order to achieve the most distinguished work possible. This brings us back to diversity in the

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