Summary: Nike Admits To Mistakes Over Child Labor

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In the article entitled, "'We Blew It:'": Nike Admits to Mistakes Over Child Labor,' published in the journal section of the popular news site, author Steve Boggan discusses a topic that has tarnished the reputation of a well-known brand of gear: Nike, and their use of child labor in manufacturing. Boggan's comments display clearly how Nike has attempted to redeem itself as a company after the many scandalous secrets and lies. Apparently, in the countries of Cambodia and Pakistan, children as young as ten years old have been discovered working in the manufacturing departments of this world-recognized corporate giant. Often, their actual ages and birthdates have been forged in order to gain them a job in the company. This is,…show more content…
They entrust this task to those the leaders of the community being contracted with, and rely on them to be honorable and abide by the laws that Nike follows here in the United States; sadly, this is not the case. Child labor occurs in foreign countries, where families work an entire day for a ridiculous wage that cannot support them. They are not living under the same circumstances, and therefore do not adhere to certain laws. Coincidentally, Nike has stated the absolute youngest age of employment allowed is sixteen years old, and even then the job suppossedly entails strictly light tasks and duties. This may be true for our workers here in the Western part of the world. However, they continue on with the defense of how difficult it is to keep track of and filter through their numerous employees, deciding it virtually impossible to do…show more content…
We are all concerned for the safety and well-being of the young lives in our care. When reports of abuse and ill-treatment of the less-capable surface, it touches everyone's heart in a way that makes us feel connected to one another. I find that Boggan's article illustrates this by evoking the emotion of anger towards those doing wrong to these victims. After reading Boggan's work, I felt a sharp twinge of sadness. How could those with so much intentionally hurt others with so little in ways that seem unimaginable? Corporate giants always seem to be able to get away with these awful deeds. And it is due to the fact that one little person cannot stand up for themselves against a huge power. They feel like they have no voice.Well, these activist grouops are acting as that cry in the dark for the victims of selfish forces. I know I felt a spark of anger for the people that have been unjustified. I have a desire to do something. I want to work towards bettering the lives of these individuals that are have been wronged. These are values and emotions that all of us share, and this topic brings us together as a force striving to attain a common goal: to make ours a healthier world. We need to take it one step at a time, but I know there is more good in the world than bad. If just one voice sounds out, even though the owner may feel small, big things

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