Suicide In Edna Pontellier's The Awakening

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One does not commit suicide with a positive mindset. Edna Pontellier was severely troubled emotionally and mentally from the circumstances revolving around Leonce, Robert, and Alcee. This triangle pulls Edna to feel guilt, and simultaneously feel “as if a mist had been lifted from her eyes” (Chopin 89). Edna, however, does not feel love for any of her “companions.” Edna’s rebellion for independence was kick-started by Leonce, which propelled her to Robert. Edna’s timid and waning relationship with Robert deserted Edna in a sea of “multitudinous emotions” (Chopin 89). This allowed Alcee Arobin to easily slither into Edna’s disorderly life. Women in Creole-cultural society are prohibited to live independently, and Edna’s actions to gain autonomy…show more content…
Edna was severely depressed having to deal with the patriarchal boundaries forced upon women and the repercussions from Creole cultural society for breaking those social rules. Edna could not move forward with her life in any positive way. During the mid to late 1800’s women in Creole culture were property and Edna ostracized herself from society, which lead to isolation. Edna’s new “understanding” of the “unexpected and the unaccustomed” (Chopin 89) could have been used for the betterment of women in her own situation. Edna had the opportunity to band together as women in a group and as a movement to support their rights. These groups could have spread and an ideology of equality could have been indoctrinated rather than a misogynistic system. Edna’s new found emotions and pioneering in women’s rights overpowers her selfishness to not build from her examples. Edna breaks due to the guilt and hopelessness she experiences as a result of violating Creole code. The break Edna experiences causes her to kill herself because she is trapped by codes. Edna believes that her inevitable punishments will not occur if she cannot be there to endure

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