Quinceanera Rites Of Passage Analysis

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Rite of Passage – The Quinceañera Rites of passages occur in many cultures and are important moments that signify that a person is moving from one stage in life to another. These rites of passage typically include three phases which are the separation phase, the transition phase, and the introduction phase. Oftentimes, some type of festivity of event is planned to mark the occasion coinciding with the rite of passage. One such rite of passage is the quinceanera which is a rite of passage in Latin American cultures that occurs when a girl reaches fifteen years of age and signifies that she is entering womanhood; historically, this rite of passage often signifies that a young woman of Latin American culture is being prepared for marriage.…show more content…
The separation phase of the quinceanera begins as the Latin America girl prepares for the event that is often planned for her as she reaches the age of fifteen. While planning for the event, the girl may feel separated form younger associates and is often encouraged to invite a date for the event. The second phase of a rite of passage is the transition phase and it is the phase in which the person who is participating in the rite of passage undergoes a transformational process to enter into the new social standing. In the event of a qunicearnera, a festive dinner and dance is often planning for the girl at the center of the rite of passage. This event often includes dancing and presentations for those who are important in the young woman’s

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