Stereotypes In The Film Slaying The Dragon

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According to Google, the dragon in Asian culture represents “power and excellence” accompanied with a certain air of “boldness,” but what if for many Asian women, that dragon symbolizes a stereotypical role they are subjected to play. In the film Slaying the Dragon, the idea of the gentle, servant-like Asian woman or the exotic, psychopathic Asian woman is put in the spotlight and dissected piece by piece, leading one to ask himself if he is guilty of following this classic stereotype. To begin with, for centuries Asian women have been portrayed as the type of woman every man would want and every woman should strive to be like. Seen to have an easygoing attitude, gentle nature, and exotic beauty, Asian women, especially in North America, received rather an unfair label from the beginning. Starting from mail order brides and leading to their roles in films, an Asian woman was almost always seen on screen as either a pleasuring wife or an erotic killer, unfair roles almost all Asian actresses were persuaded to play which…show more content…
This not only meant that they could start their journey to be seen as equal, but that the film industry had a huge impact it could now make on all who looked upon its work. Starting with Asian women not being able to kiss men, the barrier was broken shortly after the law was passed. In what used to be a scene where white, American women would have tape taped over their eyes to make them more “Asian-like” and their skin painted yellow, finally, Asian women broke the mold and more controversy began. This beautiful act of equality, however, was able to thrive because of much of the support it received from Hollywood blockbusters and other popular films. However, the fight for equality, or even just the erasing of a stereotype, is still ongoing today, making one wonder if the stereotype will ever vanish

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