Black Holes: A Fictional Narrative

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Julian clapped his hands together in yet another fruitless attempt to depose the soil that seemed to cling desperately to his fluent fingers. He fixed them with a perplexed brown-eyed gaze, and heaved a soft sigh. He then turned his attention back to the little patch of earth. He shifted his weight to his left side in hopes of achieving a far more comfortable stance. He had been in a squatting position for little over an hour now, and his long legs were finally starting to feel the effects. He refused to sit because that would mean allowing his brand new jeans to be soiled by all this ‘rich quality dirt’. He decided to endure. His legs wobbled slightly. The threat of a muscle spasm was eminent as he continued to plant the remaining peach…show more content…
The three remained where Caden abandoned them, stranded in his wake. This had become such a common occurrence that they no longer attempted to chase after him. They all knew that he was off to meet up with his other ‘friends’, if you could even call them that. Julian offered to give Dane and Bellamy a ride home, which Dane firmly refused, no surprise there. Dane has one too many unfavorable associations with cars, Caden made damn sure of that. Bellamy rejected the lift as well. Indicating that he had a few stops to make. Which in the past, would have surprised the two significantly, but any concern they felt for their friend vanished as they vacated the scene, walking in separate directions. This reflected far more than Julian would care to admit. He fumbled through his pockets distractedly. Seeking out his keys, and hurriedly shaking off the clinging dirt, his head turned back to the little patch of earth he altered. Eyes reluctantly flitting over to the now crushed stems of the once vibrant peach tinted tulips. The state of them now was nauseating, his stomach clenched in abhorrence. He was certain that they would simply be marked as ‘collateral damage’ in his best friend’s mind. Julian would receive no apology. That was textbook Caden; destroying everything, and feigning

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