Steer Show Satire

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I always remember walking through the cattle barn as a kid and looking at the steers that were chosen to be there. I would always think to myself this is such a big deal and these steers are the best of the best. It would be cool if I get to do it some day. Little did I know that I would be coming down to the state fair and showing in the steer show not only once but twice. It all started from the spectacular Franklin County Fair. I took two steers that hearing, think that one of them would do pretty good and had a shot at winning. The ironic part of the whole story when the show day came. The steer that I thought would not do the best ended up winning the whole fair and I got second with the other steer. When the show was all over Mark Muhlenbruch…show more content…
The show is a charity for The Ronald McDonald house of Iowa and all of the steers that are taken to the show are auctioned off and the proceeds go to the house. You have to make the money for the steer you show, so you have to get sponsors and donations for your steer. We went out and asked some people to donate, but most of our donations were people who wanted to be part of something big. Money was not the only part that we had to work for. We also had to wash the steer everyday so that he would grow as much hair as we could get on him. From the time our fair was over and to the day that he went in the show ring at the state fair he was washed and blow dried…show more content…
When we got there around 6:30 the fair was pretty busy, people filled the streets watching all of the steers that were coming in. We pulled up to the gate and there was livestock patrol waiting to give us directions. “Pull straight forward and you can unload in the front of the barn.” So we did just that. They treat you pretty good when your bringing livestock to the fair. The streets were cleared and everybody was watching behind a rope waiting for the good stuff to come off the trailer which was the animals. We took the steer off first and walked hint o his individual stall that had all of his and I’s information on it. Once he was comfy we brought him his fan and turned it on so that he would stay cool. We unloaded everything else except the fitting shoot. The shoots could not be brought in the barn until friday night or saturday morning due to the barn being

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