Ally Condie's Crossed Literary Analysis

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The book Crossed would not be as appealing or as exquisite without literary terms. Literary terms are the devices that takes novels above and beyond. Without them books would be dull and straight forward. The symbolism makes the reader reflect on what they have read. Foreshadowing gives the reader confidence and excitement. Point of view wasn't the best, but it made the book unique and its own. The way Condie wrote the novel with these devices makes it appealing to all ages. The terms take the novel from being a story to an adventure that readers feel they are tagging along. Literary terms are the frosting on top of the cake. Like a psychic, the novel gives readers a glimpse into the future. For writers foreshadowing is a hard concept…show more content…
Ally Condie does this in such a way that the readers know the ending without even being halfway through the book. It is absolutely brilliant. For instance at the very beginning of the story two characters Ky and Vick are having a very intense conversation when all of a sudden the blue pills pop up. They mention the pills it is in such a subtle way that if the reader is not observant, then the ending with Cassia doesn't make sense. Readers need to remember this quote,"The blue tablets don't save you. They stop you. If you take one, you'll slow down and stay where you are until someone finds you or you die waiting. Two will finish you outright."(42). If the readers remember this quote they will trapped in the book when later Cassia takes the pill thinking it will save her but she actually becomes very sick. This situation alone shows foreshadowing improves the book. Later on, while Cassia is being shipped into the outer provinces, she has this feeling she will finally find Ky, but he doesn't know that the new shipment is Cassia. If the readers catch "They're going to send girls."(75) and put the clues together, they realized the author is telling them that Cassia is going to the same province as Ky. This will make a reader…show more content…
When writers use symbolism they don't clearly state the obvious, but instead leave it to the readers to figure it out. For instance when the Cassia, Ky, Indie, and Eli go to the Carving they see the most amazing beautiful painting. When Cassia and Indie look at it they say that the girls in the painting are beautiful in their fancy dresses. This symbolizes a sense of longing because the people in the picture are dancing but Cassia and Indie didn't know what dancing was. They long for this perfect life instead of living in a controlled society. Symbolism also effects the book in the farming village. When people die the family members draw blue lines up and down the deceased member's body. They do this because the lines are webs and connect all the family members together. The characters start the lines on one family member's hand and continue drawing it on the next family member. As the lines continue, they start being drawn on the wall and caves. Without symbolism, this would just be a creepy part of the book when characters paint dead people. Since Condie added symbolism, this shows that everyone is connected and is one with the universe. Finally, a fish that shows true love. Vick was in love with an Anomaly named Laney. One day he was fishing and said," I pulled it out of the river where saw the colors flash in the sun. I put it back right away when I saw what it

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