Staton-Tindall. Al.: A Case Study

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Staton-Tindall et al.. studied100 urban and rural women who were in prison in Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women, to determine if they received treatment for self-reported issues such as health, mental health, and substance use prior to entering prison. the women confirmed health problems including drug use and revealed being accessed for treatment for the first time in the prison system. Staton-Tindall et al. pointed out that research has been lacking on how and if women used services prior to prison and most of the focus has been on men and their criminal misgivings. (i.e., Goodrum et al. 2002 and Leukefeld et al. 2002; Warner & Leukefeld, 2001). According to the Staton-Tindall et al.. study, there was not much difference in

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