Analysis Of Nathaniel Philbrick's In The Heart Of The Sea

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The author claims that writers and storytellers aren’t just writing words, but also artists in the way they structure their words and create an outline for the reader to fill in with their own individual imagination. The author gives an example of this in chapter one when he inserts the first couple paragraphs from Nathaniel Philbrick’s In the Heart of the Sea. He then asks the reader questions pertaining to the imagery presented in the paragraphs. Through imagination, each reader’s experience of the story is different. The author sets up the basic details, but the reader’s own individual imagination drives the images in the reader’s mind. From the use of the paragraph the author gives an example of what he’s talking about. The excerpt from…show more content…
This makes the author’s point better than him just stating the action. The author also claims that as a person grows their imagination fades. He claims as a child, people had time to be imaginative all day and make believe whatever they wanted. But as grownups, there is no time to make believe. They spend their time working and providing for the children who get to use their imagination all day. From a young age little girls imagine that they’re princesses or wives taking care of a baby and young boys can pretend to be professional athletes and doctors. When kids are young they have the potential to do whatever they want. That potential mixed with their childhood innocence helps them make believe anything they want. But adults can still use imagination. The authors of children and juvenile books often incorporate their imagination when writing them. Even outside of books, when writing scripts or outlines for plays, television shows, or even movies. Imagination is important when trying to entertain people from young ages to adulthood. Without imagination, many of the things we enjoy today, such as sports, jokes, and movies, would not

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