Stan Marsh: A Character We Should Praise?

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Stan Marsh: A Character We Should Praise? Aside from the fact that Stan Marsh is a main character, his role in the show “South Park” is extremely vital. His character represents the one source of reason and complete sense, and without him constantly questioning and confronting the stupidity of other people, the show would be nothing but a bunch of people collectively agreeing on a mindless idea. He is probably one of the most important—if not THE most important—character in the show. Stan Marsh is one of the four main characters that reside in South Park, Colorado. He and his friends are constantly getting into trouble, whether it’s fighting a giant robot version of Barbra Streisand (Season 1, Episode 12; “Mecha-Streisand”) or being literally bored to death (Season 16, Episode 6; “I Should Have Never Gone Zip Lining”). When faced with a problem, Stan is usually the one to take a step back and assess the situation before jumping in. He questions the people around him and tries to find answers. He challenges the norm of ignorance and steps up to the situation thrown at him. He has a habit of giving into fads quite easily, but when it comes to simple logic, he has no problem putting two and two together to find out what’s really going on. For example, in the episode “The Biggest Douche in the Universe” (Season 6, Episode 15), Stan…show more content…
He is so much more than that. He is gullible yet head strong. He is someone you can relate with, even if you have never experienced the things he had. People connect with him and are drawn to him because he has had moments of weakness where it showed. Stan constantly tries to find a place to belong, and people can empathize with that. Although South Park is such a crude and juvenile show, their skills in character development and writing does not come short. Stan Marsh just might be one of the best characters written in cinematic

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