Compare And Contrast Batman And Gilgamesh

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Gilgamesh is one of the greatest literary works of all time, and is still applicable today. It is a classic story of heroism, conflict, and overcoming personal demons. Gilgamesh, the most powerful human/God mutant to ever exist, was a hero simultaneously loved and hated by his people of Uruk. Gilgamesh and his partner Enkidu are comparable to Batman and Robin. Batman’s parents had died when he was young, while Gilgamesh was 2/3 god so he had present parents. Batman’s quest was to revenge on criminals and Gilgamesh is to find immortality. Both have best friends and sidekicks that spend all their time together, Batman has Robin and Gilgamesh has Enkidu. Both stories include one major enemy. Batman and Robin have to try and defeat the Joker. He is a sociopath who murders…show more content…
They also both have epic flaws. Batman kills people in the process of going after the Joker, and also destroys some of Gotham. Gilgamesh was always searching for something more than he already had. He was quite powerful, but still wanted to search for immortality. Exhibition of bravery, courage, and superhuman strength and emitted by both heroes. Batman is very courageous and confronts any villain that is threating to hurt Gotham. Although batman has no true super powers, he has amazing detective skills, and tools like that bat mobile and bat suit that give him a super human edge. Gilgamesh exhibits extreme bravery when he didn’t listen to how dangerous Humbaba was and wanted to defeat him no matter what. Although Batman doesn’t have supernatural or divine help like Gilgamesh, he has a lot of money that allows him access to higher-level technology and training. Gilgamesh, does however have these abilities, He uses the god Shamash during the battle with Humbaba, and is 2/3rds god. Gilgamesh was hated by many, and then turned into an amazing hero. He would take any woman he wanted from his city of Enkidu and deflower

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