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For four years, I’ve been part of a drama club called Stage Right Theater Company. We put on plays for the community twice a year, but we also do other things, such as a final project, which is a showcase of a few short plays we perform. Occasionally, we also put on other events, such as small plays for a local retirement home. We spend a tremendous amount of time together preparing for these events. Due to this time spent together and the relatively small size of the group, only about twenty-five to thirty people, we have the opportunity to really get to know each other, and we develop incredibly strong friendships. When I first joined Stage Right, however, I was at a time in my life when I didn’t develop friendship bonds nearly as well as I do now. For the first half of the year, I…show more content…
I actually began to find it hard to not make friends with those around me. I mentioned in another question on this application that I couldn’t live without “those that I consider my family”. When I first wrote that down, my sister, who is discussing this application with me, didn’t understand why I didn’t just write “my friends and family”, but that’s because of Stage Right Theater Company. This phrase I use came from a specific event from my first year in the club, which was the Spring Retreat we all went on. This retreat was a real turning point for me. Even though the main purpose of the retreat was to prepare for the spring play, we all grew so much as a team working together just in that one weekend. In particular, on Saturday night we all gathered around a campfire and went around the entire circle and just talked; we all really opened up to each other. It was in those moments, I realized these people weren’t just my friends, because this club I joined at the beginning of the year created much stronger relationships than just

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