St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised Summary By Chapter Analysis

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St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by wolves By Karen Russell is a short story about wolves who are being raised by humans who have to adapt to the human nature with no exposure to it in the past. This story focuses on the main character Claudette, whom is also the narrator, In stage 1 Claudette shows how they’re wolves, and do wolf like things and have wolf like qualities. In the 2nd stage Claudette shows they have to start being able to do human things but only like the simple thing but they still are attending to not be able to do anything except for their overachieving sister Jeanette, as for Mirabella who could not do anything if her life depended on it. In stage 3 it shows that they have very bad communication skills and they’re starting to get really homesick and miss their parents. In stage 4 it shows that the students are getting better adapted to the culture and they’re able to do what they need to with no problems. In stage 5, the final stage they can do any culture that they prefer at the time. In the beginning of the story she wasn’t adopted but by the end she is. In stage 1 at the beginning they were legit wolves, they had the physical qualities “things felt less foreign in…show more content…
They’ve met purebred girls whom made Claudette realize that they were making her sisters look like fools, showing that Claudette has gained enough of a human conscience to know a human’s deceit. Ways Claudette has adapted though is she can play board games and she is a better reader then Jeanette. But one of the main things she can do is she is able to ride a bike which symbolizes a big human trait. The ways she has not adapted is that she has lack of communication skills which prevents her from getting along with the rest of the pack. Also she gets mad when the nuns mention the dance which she doesn’t fully know how to do. At the end of stage 3 she is really starting to understand what she’s supposed to

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