Men Of Honor Carl And Sunday Comparison

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Mentioning an African American in the Navy has people define them to have a different ambition from white Americans. Both Carl and Sunday express excellence as characters’ in Men of Honor especially when it appeals to their differences and similarities correlate with difficulties in love, personal background, and moral beliefs. By knowing the differences and similarities can certainly change the perspectives of both characters relationship with each other and who they remain as an individual. The color of one’s skin or ethnicity should not be reason to reckon them. What they create out of themselves should count. Because of ethnic backgrounds, Carl and Sunday have dissimilarities and resemblances with accomplishments, failures, and goals. Carl’s background begins with him being starting out as a cook in the U.S.S Hoist. In the movie…show more content…
In reality he’s being mocked. “Come on, boy. You got a big the U.S. Navy. - [Laughing] A big future! - [Grill Sizzling] [Men Laughing]”. Carl did not expect to be grilling burgers as soon as he joined the navy. Instead, he wanted to become a crew member. In addition to his background, Carl strives to make something out of himself. As a young child, Carl was told by his father to not end up like him. His father encouraged him to become a Navy Diver not only that but also Master chief since an agricultural career did not have a positive outcome. Sunday’s background begins him as Master Chief. Being the senior enlisted person in the Navy gives them the privilege to authorize future members of the Navy. Sunday’s excellence in dictating, obeying orders, being venerable plays a huge part in every single student in the diving school. Known for shouting and fighting, Sunday has a strong and harsh personality. His nickname for Carl continues being “Cookie” and would address his male students as “ladies”. Aside from that, fights occur since he will

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