How Did Etienne Brule Come To The New World

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In the 1500s , the Europeans were trying to find another passage to go to Asia , But instead they had found North America and met the Native people . later on , They realised that the Native people had something valuable which is the beaver fur . Anyways , the beaver fur attracted the Europeans and had led them to build a settlement along the St. Lawrence River . In the 1600s , Samuel de Champlain was one of the explorers that went to the New World and made the adjustment in North America . However , Champlain did not come all by himself to the New World . Etienne Brule was a French explorer and an interpreter of the Huron language that was born around 1595 in Champigny-sur-Marne near Paris . Brule did not leave any trace about his early life or about his discoveries because he wasn't famous at that moment . But , Brule was mentioned and introduced in the journals written by Champlain in 1618 . He was also known through the french people that went to North America such as Sagard and Brébeuf . However , Etienne Brule’s dream was to live among the Native people , to learn about their culture , and learn how to speak their language .…show more content…
Later on , in 1610 , Champlain decides to send Brule on a quest to learn about the Native people and to seek their land . Therefore , Etienne Brule went on the mission , He had met the Huron people and accomplished a goodwill with them . After a year , on June 13 , 1611 , Champlain came to visit brule and was impressed because he had succeeded and done all the tasks that he told him to do so . Champlain advises Brule to stay with the Huron people to become more successful and master into learning their language . So , Etienne Brule was proud and pleased to stay among the Natives

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