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What is the purpose of driving a certain speed? Would it really be such a hazard to drive however fast you wish? I have to admit, driving without the worry of getting pulled over because I was five mph over the speed limit would be a relief to feel while on the road. But then I have to remind myself that there is a reason for the restrictions that they place on how fast you can go while on the road. There are so many things that could go wrong while driving, and if one of those happened while behind the wheel and you are going as fast as you wanted, you could kill yourself or anyone else who got in the way. If safety didn’t come first while driving, your life would be at stake every time you got in the car. Fatalities versus fatality rates, highways becoming more dangerous, especially with higher speeds, and speed limits can and should be used to control overall traffic speeds are the three topics that will be discussed. Fatality rates based on 100 million vehicle-miles traveled are the more legitimate way to measure trends and cause and effect relationships. If we took 100 people who averaged 10,000 miles per year and the group experienced two fatalities, we should have a fatality rate of “2” per one million miles travelled. Some might argue that the world is about to end…show more content…
If that rate prevailed today we would experience 700,000 motor vehicle fatalities a year!” Tell me we haven’t made dramatic improvements on the highway safety area. Nevertheless, the self-appointed safety establishment persists in using fluctuations in annual fatalities to support their contentions. If the fatalities go up, it’s because motorists aren’t heeding their advice. If the fatalities go down, however, it’s because their latest campaign was such a great success. In reality, most “Safety campaigns” have little material impact on the rise or fall in

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