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SHEEHAN’S SYNDROME In the well-developed countries which have good medical care for pregnancy women, it is so rare to hear about any information about postpartum hemorrhage. So the risk of pregnancy women who has severe postpartum hemorrhage is very few. That is why the citizen of well-developed countries rarely hear about Sheehan’s syndrome. Do you know anything about Sheehan’s syndrome? In this essay, we will talk about this syndrome. For the beginning, we have to know about postpartum hemorrhage to know correctly about the cause of Sheehan’s syndrome. Postpartum hemorrhage is the condition the blood goes outside the body of pregnancy women after delivery. If the amount of blood more than 500 ml within 24 hours, we call this condition is…show more content…
It is not clear now and we have to do more research for more information about the cause of this syndrome. Maybe when the body of pregnancy women loss a large amount of blood after delivery then blood will go to important organs such as heart, brain, kidney. So the blood that go through in circulation will be change, in this case, the pituitary will become lacking of blood. If this condition happens for a long time, the function of pituitary will be decrease. In the developing countries or underdeveloped countries, they don’t have good medical care. So, the risk of severe postpartum hemorrhage also increase more considerably. Thus, Sheehan’s syndrome becomes easier to be seen than in developed countries. It is one of the most common causes of hypopituitarism in developing and underdeveloped countries. The most serious thing when the patient have Sheehan’s syndrome is they have to use hormone replacement therapy for their whole life. It is so expensive and can causes so many complicated things for the…show more content…
This is the reason for more difficulty to diagnose Sheehan’s syndrome early. Maybe, the patient don’t know they have Sheehan’s syndrome until they need treatment for adrenal or thyroid insufficiency. The test to diagnose for Sheehan’s syndrome are check the pituitary hormones in blood and MRI can be ordered to differential with pituitary tumor. The replacement hormone therapy is the only treatment for this syndrome, the doctor will order the hormones patient missing and it will last for whole

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