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Watchtowers are the guardians of the four quarters (North, South, East and West). They are often referred to as ‘The Four Quarters’ or ‘Airts’. The watchtower spirits are called upon when casting a circle; they are invited into one’s sacred space to protect the boundaries of the circle, but also to bless and help in the magickal workings. Each quarter is associated with a cardinal direction (as specified above) and an element (earth, fire, air, water). In various traditions the watchtowers can also be associated with an archangel (Auriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel.), zodiac signs, stars (Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, Regulus, and Antares), and the type of work that one will be doing as part of ritual. Some sources claim that the four elements were the foundation stones of creation. Therefore anything that exists has…show more content…
Historically built on city walls to protect the city. In archaic Roman religion, towers were also placed at crossroads. Often an altar was placed in front of the towers to enable travelers to give offering to nature spirits. This combination of watchtowers as a place might have been adapted to protect the sacred area of ritual (a circle). Other sources trace the watchtowers back to what is known as the “Lesser Key of Solomon”. In short there is a legend, that some angels rebelled against the haven and caused havoc. So the good angels stepped down and closed the evil angels in watchtowers. Thus all the powers of the world are locked in the watchtowers. A witch / wizard can call upon those powers to grant whatever they want but first they need to get power over them and then slay them with magickal sword. This notion of watchtowers was then incorporated into the Enochian Magickal tradition (found by John Dee). The watchtowers were the four compass points ruled by archangels. It is believed that Masons assumed it from Enochian traditions, and then Gerald Gardner embraced it into

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