Nutrilite Products Company Case Study

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In the early 1930's, Carl Rehnborg started the first significant line of vitamins in the United States with his "California Vitamin Company" then change the name to Nutrilite Products Company, in 1939. So that, Nutrilite treaty with a company owned by Lee Mytinger and William Casselberry to become the exclusive American distributor of Nutrilite vitamins, in 1945. In addtion, Mytinger and Casselberry begin start the first MLM with the same essential rule that underlies the business. Every autonomous wholesaler would be qualified for make a commission on offers of Nutrilite items and repeal commission made by merchant enrolled underneath them as extra merchants. Besides that ,Mytinger was a businessman and Casselberry was an analyst. The original…show more content…
The first value added to the product is the Espring Purified Water have certification and recognition. This product is certified under NSF/ ANSI. Further more it also awarded the gold seal by WQA. NSF is a non-profit organization perceived worldwide as the main autonomous testing and accreditation power on water treatment frameworks. Amway which is recognize by this non-profit organization help the product to add more value , the consumer who are introduce to the product will feel more confident and trust the product. This will make the consumer be less price…show more content…
Amway E-Spring is special because it helps to save cost of water, as well as the cost of electricity. Amway E-Spring is also a product that is recognise, tested and certified by NSF. Besides, Amway E-Spring have increased the improvement in water taste, odour and clarity. The E-Spring provide the cleaner, clearer and also better quality and tasting water for consumer. Moreover, the marketing plan of E-Spring are the marketing mix which are price, places, product and the promotion. In addition, the action plan for the E-Spring are increasing the amount of the outlets to a larger number, provides more colour selection for the E-spring and promote itself with a brand

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