Persuasive Essay On Sparta Vs Athens

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Sparta vs. Athens Why you should live in Sparta and not Athens! You should live in Sparta because it is the best city-state in Greece! Sparta has a very good military and very good education in fighting! Sparta has over 16,000 men in the and not in the army! If you choose Athens as a women you would have just a little bit more freedom but not be as fit and skilled as an Spartan. If you are a male choosing between Sparta and Athens, i would recommend Sparta because if you want to be fit, attractive, and be a great warrior you would probably choose Sparta! Athens has many cool features that Sparta doesn't have but Sparta has way more features than Athens does! One con is that Sparta doesn’t have good education you were only educated if you were wealthy and your mom knew who to read and write.…show more content…
Sparta has good training and many men like living in Sparta! But Spartans feared that the helots might some-day rebel from the military! As a result, the government firmly controlled the people of Sparta and started training boys at the age 7! They stayed in the military training till they were 20 when they entered the regular military and went to battle till the age 60 when they retired! If you were a women deciding between Sparta and Athens I would recommend Sparta if you like sports and want to be very fit! A Spartan women is expected to be married at age in their late teens and early twenties! They were also expected to have kids and start a family around age eighteen! I would choose Sparta because it has many features that Athens does not have! Spartan women had many household jobs like cleaning, taking care of children, teaching (for the wealthy), she also had to stay fit and

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