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Irena Sendler’s father once told her, “If you see someone drowning you must try to save him, even if you cannot swim.” This mindset encouraged many people to risk their lives to save others’ during the Holocaust. Ernst Trier Mørch, Irena Sendler and Dr. Eugene Lazowski all found creative and sometimes dangerous means of saving others. Their heroism saved thousands of lives during one of humanities greatest tragedies. Irena Sendler was a 29-year-old social worker who used her job to assist Jews. She brought food into the ghetto and provided medical care to the Jews. (Yad Vashem) When the ghetto was sealed Sendler obtained permits to inspect the sanitary conditions of the ghetto so she could sneak in and continue her work. (Yad Vashem) When she discovered that the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto were being taken to Treblinka extermination camp, she tried to convince Jewish parents that they were not being taken there to be resettled as the Nazis had said and to let her take their children and try to smuggle them out of the ghetto. (Yad Vashem) Jewish parents were reluctant to let her take their children because they would have to learn Christian prayers and stories to blend in with the Christian families they would be placed with and parents feared that their children might abandon Judaism and…show more content…
Dr. Eugene Lazowski used this information to save the Jews in a dozen Polish villages. (McG. THOMAS Jr.) Lazowski injected the bacteria into non-Jews in the villages because the Germans would kill Jews who had the disease. (McG. THOMAS Jr.) He sent blood from the people who had been “infected” to labs in a pattern that looked to German officials to be the start of a typhus epidemic. (McG. THOMAS Jr.) Out of fear of the disease, the Germans quarantined the villages saving all the Jews who lived in them. (McG. THOMAS

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