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Throughout history, the most corrupt times have been eras in which violence has been done in the name of God. One of the most prolific examples of this abomination is the Spanish Inquisition. It started with blind faith, but escalated with political paranoia as well as racial tension due to jealousy and contempt of non-Catholic Spaniards. To “Inquire” seems innocent enough, but the heart of this word twist as it matures into “Inquisition.” It has come to include robbery, torture, deceit, outrage and murder into its expanded definition. The Spanish Inquisition was not the beginning of the inquisitions but rather details the most brutal and horrific of all the Holy Inquisitions in our history. As with most history as time goes by many try re-examining what really happened to see if it was really the gruesome…show more content…
“Convivencia” is a word that the Spanish used to describe religiously tolerant living found primarily only in Spain during the middle ages. Jews and Muslims lived amongst the Christians because as of 1306, most were cast out by other countries who were less tolerant. It wasn’t until 1478 with Pope Sixtus endorsement of Queen Isabella’s request to begin her own regime of an inquisition which is now known as the “Spanish Inquisition.” The pope decreed a papal bull called Exigit Sincere Devotionis. This was done on November 1st 1478. The king and queen of Spain then issued an edict September 27th 1480. Isabella’s inquisition was initially activated to cleanse the country of Jewish-Catholic and Muslim-Catholic converts whom didn’t actually convert. This was set into action by the deceitful Tomas Torquemada, whom was born a Christian to Jewish-Catholic converts. He was also Isabella’s confessor, who poisoned her ear, and ignited a paranoia that she and King Ferdinand would be overruled by the growing and thriving Jewish

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