Southern Stingray Research Paper

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When the Southern Stingray comes to mind, the first thoughts that I think of dangerous and able to kill a human being. I believe the Southern Stingray is dangerous for many reasons. Some of the reasons are the ability to live for many years, their ability to blend in with the environment, and their special defense, the barb. Also, the Southern Stingray is very powerful and are plentiful in numbers. The environment the stingray lives in is also very diverse and around places with high population of humans. Southern Stingrays have the ability of suctioning their selves to the bottom of the ocean floor. Stingrays are bottom feeders which means they with scavenge across the floor of the sea to find food such as shrimp. Another reason I have a negative…show more content…
Due to the area I live, I have encountered many Southern Stingrays while at the beach. One of the most vivid encounters I have had is while I was fishing the Sound between Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. I was fishing for shark and had kayaked my bait out about one hundred yards and dropped it off. The bait I was using the head of a Bonito. After about thirty minutes, a shrimp boat came by and then my reel starting screaming. The particular rod and reel I was using was meant for about a six foot shark and had about five hundred yards of monofilament spooled. The stingray, which at the time I thought was a shark, took the bait and ran about 250 yards before I could start fighting it. After about an hour and fifteen minutes, I had to kayak out and pull the stingray from the bottom of the ocean floor. When I finally got the ray onto the shore, the tail was slinging around and almost stabbed my friend that was helping me. The Southern Ray finally calmed down and I measured the width of the animal to be around four to four and a half foot. After we got the hook out, we released the ray and I realized that the ray had broken the reel I was

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