Sorority Sisters: Degradation For Fame

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Degradation for Fame Many say that reality television is the epitome of immorality. The television program, VH1, home to an exhibit of many ignominious reality shows are a prime example. The program cast’s the show, Sorority Sisters, which provoked unnecessary uproar in the African-American community and Greek culture. The show exemplifies the qualities of ambitious and driven young woman while also capturing their everyday life and interaction with fellow sorors and other women of African-American sororities. He or she may argue that this show is an immoral portrayal of African-American women and sorority, causing them to highlight common stereotypes, and flaws because it is shown on the infamous reality television program. In actuality, the show is only presenting these women in their daily lives as a soror. Is this a representation of degradation, ambition or immorality? One shall form his or her opinion for it will be changed.…show more content…
The women that partake in the show, Sorority Sisters, casted by VH1 make up Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., Zeta Phi Beta, Inc., and Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc.; Otherwise known as the Divine Nine. The show captures the reality, hustle, ambition, and life progression of the young women while they interact with fellow sorors. With this, the women are being themselves and showing the world that not everyone is society perfect or extremely rich. As humans of mistakes, feelings, rights, and wrongs, they are obviously apparent on the show. As usual, these human traits are frowned upon and looked at as “degradation” for an African-American women and member of Greek

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