Sophocles 'Freewill In The Play Oedipus Rex'

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TBH Fate and freewill are two opposing aspects that can strongly influence a person’s life, whether for good or for evil. In the play Oedipus Rex written by Sophocles, Oedipus is foretold by a prophecy that he would kill his own father,marry his mother ultimately leading him on journey which ends his demolition of a normal life. The play Oedipus Rex starts of when the city of Thebes is suffering terribly from a curse. Oedipus is adopted by a family, because his real parents left him out to die. Oedipus’s prophecy was that he will kill his father and marry his mother that lead his father Laius to abandon his only son. The events that a current in the play displays a major believe in how Oedipus’s life is contained through fate and how his…show more content…
A young baby boy, Oedipus was left on top of a mountain to die when his father was told that their is a curse and that his own son will kill him and marry his wife. A shepherd saved the little boy and took him from the top of the mountain. When Oedipus got older he decided to look for his real father, on his journey a man and Oedipus got into an argument and Oedipus killed a man that blocked his road at the crossroads because he is too impulsive, short- tempered and by fate he killed his own father, King of Thebes “ I was to slay my father. And he dies, And the graves hides him; and i find myself Handling no sword; unless for love of me He pined away, and so I caused his death. So Polybus is gone, and with him lie, In Hades whelmed, those worthless oracles.” It was Oedipus free will to kill this man but it was fate that this man that he killed was his father. Oedipus was only on this quest to find his father and also the previous King of Thebes because his people are suffering and now Oedipus is the King of Thebes and he is trying to help his city. The first prophecy that was told to previous King Laius came true by fate. The outcome that came to this tragedy was by looking for his actual father, but by fate he killed his father and by free will he killed a…show more content…
Jocatsa was the one that send away her children to avoid the fate and the prophecy be coming true, but it all turned around when her son Oedipus survived. The shepherd that Jocatsa told to kill Oedipus said that “he hadn’t the heart to destroy it”. The shepherd saved baby Oedipus and a family adopted him. Jocatsa is the one that falls in love with Oedipus unknowing that it is her son. Oedipus marries the widow that lost her husband, the King of Thebes and of course his father that he did not actually know. Oedipus is dealing with fate and freewill in this situation because he did not know that the previous King of Thebes was his actual father and that Jocatsa was his real mother. The prophecy that his father was told came true by fate how he married a woman

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