12 Years A Slave Film Analysis

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A story of an African-American freeman, lived in New York with his wife and children who unfortunately got drugged, kidnapped and sold into slavery. The film received many nominations and awards including the Academy Awards and Golden Globes Awards. I classified this film under the genre of biographical as this film is about the portrayal of Soloman Northup’s life. This film was based on a true event that happened to Soloman Northup and he wrote the book “Twelve Years a Slave” in 1853. Another genre that I would classify this film is historical period drama because it was film as though it was in the 1800s and this movie has a serious tone and tense environment which focus the development of the main character (Soloman Northup) who must deal with realistic emotional struggles. It was a little hard for me to go through the process of the film due to the inhumane tactics of…show more content…
Steve wanted to make a movie about slavery because it is a huge part of history and there were not many films about slavery. He came across this book and was fascinated by it, he said “every page was a revelation” as it was the first account of slavery. Steve wanted to throw audience into the deep end at the beginning which I realised the film dives into the environment of slavery in the very first scene depicting a group of slaves singing ‘slave song’ working in the harsh plantation. I feel that for the director to actually apprehend the plot so well and capture the whole idea of the movie was astonishing due to the fact that he was of African origin, he must have felt anger to know what the whites have done to his ancestors. The intention of the film was drawn to educate people on slavery, to “put something true on the screen whatever that

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