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The Battle of Guadalcanal happened in 1942 involving the United States Marine Corps and Japanese naval and army forces. The landing at Guadalcanal took six months to defeat the Japanese in what was to turn into a battle of slow destruction. The Japanese loss of the Battle of Midway had forced the Imperial Army to rethink about their plans of expanding their forces and instead think about reinforcing the forces they already had out. This was a victory for America and also a turning point because they could think about what they could continue on with in terms of re-capturing the Pacific islands. Guadalcanal would be their first target to re-capture. Guadalcanal is a humid tropical part of the Solomon Islands. These islands are just north of…show more content…
As it grew dark Japanese destroyers and a cruiser bombarded the same positions. The Japanese infantry attacked positions to the south of Henderson but the march through the jungle had taken its toll on the Japanese forces. Enemy forces tried attacking three more times. Both sides were reinforced after these attacks and casualties in the battle. Then, on October 23rd, Japanese soldiers attacked US while pin point artillery fire ensured the failure of this attack. On October 24th, the Japanese launched another major attack from the south. The Japanese failed to take into account all of the difficulties that they would face trekking into the jungle to reach the American forces. They could not understand why their attacks were failing. Since the Japanese were in such a confused and poor state, American forces decided it was time to do another offensive attack. They brought in the 2nd US Marines to do the job. Around the middle of November 1942, planes from Henderson attacked ships bringing Japanese reinforcements to Guadalcanal. Of the eleven transport ships that were there, six were sunk, one was severely damaged and four had to be brought to the beach. Japanese forces realized that they did not have the man power or the recourses to continue on with the attacks so on December 1942, the emperor ordered a withdrawal from Guadalcanal. The withdrawal was from January until February

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