Arguments Against Unemploying Veterans

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Would you hire a veteran if one approached your doors looking for a job? Would you treat him or her any better? Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of having a veteran work for you? Hiring a veteran is not just a patriotic act, it is a humble act. Veterans stopped their daily lives to go serve this great nation of ours. So wouldn’t it be the right thing to employee them as soon as they return. Veterans are treated fairly in regards to post-service employment because many employers find them valuable employees due to all the astonishing things they bring to the work force, they are the best workers which interests employers, and President Obama and his administration have passed legislation to help unemployed veterans get jobs. United States veterans make valuable employees, who bring a lot more than muscles to the work force. Veterans risk their lives and go to war to fight for this nation and when they return they shouldn’t have to fight for a job. Katie Drummond proclaimed in…show more content…
They are very skillful beyond the military field. According to the article, “10 reasons to Hire a Veteran Today”, Drew Greenblatt proclaims, “Veterans are not lone wolves. They survived in the trenches and in basic training by counting on their team.” Every employer looks for a team player and veterans are exactly that. Drew Greenblatt also says “Vets are unique in that they were trained for years to take a hill as a goal and then they took the hill. When veterans are told the company needs to hit a certain target or goal, they execute with laser-minded focus. No excuses. They make it happen.” Veterans are very reliable and they get the job done. Drew Greenblatt also proclaims, “Veterans are methodical, process-driven people. They like order. They understand what they have to accomplish and then step by step hit their project goals.” They are amazing planners. They have been to war and back; nothing can stop them from completing a

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