Witch Hunting In India

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Undoubtedly India is a traditional and religious country where traditions and religious practices are carried from one generation to another generation. In the name of tradition and religious practices, killing a person is also killing, tradition can’t prevent it from being recognized as an offense. Witch hunting is not a new concept in India, hails from very primitive age, still in practice in some states. Women’s are still being murdered in the name of “Witch”— Sad but true. Depressingly women are never considered as a human being, handcuffed by first gender, traditions, norms, culture, notions of this society. This is the country where women are considered as Goddesses, but on a very sad note this trend got lost in ancient times, and the tragic trends like witch hunting succeeded somehow.…show more content…
Women were cursed with another sin and branded as witch or daayan. Women witches are supposed to be well versed in black magic. Though this is not true, it’s a notion which is accepted in many states across India. It is a kind of violence which is left untouched and unrecognized. The victim who is branded as a “Witch” is subjected to innumerable torture, beatings, burns, coercively paraded naked throughout the village, even forced to eat human excrement and depressingly sometimes even raped and killed. There are numerous cases reported where a woman’s hair is cut off, her teeth are pulled out, in some instances her nose or other body-parts are cut off, she and her children are socially boycotted, her land and property is seized. Victims are hurled out of their homes, socially outcast by the

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