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Source Analysis CITATION Fyfe, Nicholas R. "City Watching: Closed Circuit Television Surveillance in Public Spaces." Area 28.1 (1996): 37-46. JSTOR. Web. 29 Sept. 2015. ESTABLISH THE AUTHORITY OF YOUR SOURCE: Professor Nickolas Fyfe had his PhD degree, in 1989, from the University of Cambridge with a major in Social/Political Geography of policing. He did a lot of research studies, the latest one was “Policing Scotland” published by Willan publication. SUMMARY OF THE SOURCE: Professor Nickolas began his article by giving an example that supported all his evidence across the article. His example was a prison plan made by Jeremy Bentham that was based on camera surveillance rather than prison officers. But the plan didn’t reach the light…show more content…
CCTV’s that are installed in public places belongs to the city, but they are installed by private sector that can reuse people’s interests. Many CCTV’s are funded by private sector, meaning that they are technically private because private sectors managers can ask for old video photage or else the fund will stop. Adding to that, he included that CCTV’s had a great effect in term of crimes. Glasgow city tested the effectiveness of CCTV in a couple of areas and found out that it decreased more than 90% of the crimes at that time. KEY QUOTATIONS “…so too anyone in the city centre never knows whether the control room operator is looking at them, but always knows that they might be.” (Fyfe 1996, 39). “…CTV could be seen from a Foucauldian perspective, for example, as a manifestation of a general expansion of power, as a new component of a disciplinary network, an elaborate political technology for producing obedient individuals in public spaces” (Foucault 1977, 214). “…from the perspective of local councils there are anxieties about committing public funding to a project which may mainly appear to serve the needs of local private commercial interests and which raises sensitive civil libertarian questions about the invasion of privacy. ” (Fyfe 1996, 40). EVALUATE THE

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