Cleopatra Or Mohamed Morsi Research Paper

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Cleopatra or Mohamed Morsi? Living under the ruling of Cleopatra rather than Mohamed Morsi would be far more safe and smart. Cleopatra was very intelligent, confident, and a beautiful role model. Mohamed Morsi is a selfish and disruptive man who doesn’t have concerns for the people of his country. Cleopatra was definitely the superior leader because she helped Egypt improve and Mohamed Morsi cause major problems in Egypt. Cleopatra would be the superior and more honorable leader to live under. First off, Cleopatra was a very knowledgeable and clever ruler of Egypt. “She spoke as many as a dozen languages” and was well educated in many subjects (“Tour Egypt” 1). Cleopatra snuck in to “meet Caesar rolled up in a carpet” (“Secrets of Egypt” 1…show more content…
Cleopatra was in charge of “dozens of Egyptian warships” against “Octavian’s navy” (“Tour Egypt” 1). Lastly, Cleopatra was born into a very royal dynasty. Cleopatra was part of the “Ptolemaic Dynasty,” that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great died during the “Hellenistic period” (“Ptolemaic Rule” 1). She was the “seventh in her dynasty to bear the name Cleopatra,” which has a meaning of “glory of the father” (“Ptolemaic Rule” 1). Overall, Cleopatra was a very profound and admirable leader of ancient Egypt. Mohamed Morsi was not a very helping or intelligent and caring president. Morsi was very demanding and controlling in order to get his way. Morsi awarded himself “total executive control” (Kingsley 2). His decisions “smacked of dictatorship,” and meant that Egypt’s divisions would only get worse as “Morsi’s tenure continued” (Kingsley 3). Also, Mohamed Morsi caused a lot of violence in Egypt during his presidency. Morsi could possibly be released once the country calms down and “soldiers shot down 800 pro-Morsi protesters” (Kingsley 5). A new campaign group, Tamarod, “encouraged millions of Egyptians, many of whom had voted for Morsi, to sign a petition calling for early elections” (Kingsley

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