Sir Orwell's 'Shooting An Elephant'

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In Shooting An Elephant, Sir Orwell turns out to be a white police officer at the Moulmein town in the lower Burma. The point is he may sound like a good person, but Sir Orwell ended up to be a mad, crazy, and a lunatic guy for some reason is he started to talk to himself on how he is against the British Empire or capitalism is an evil thing. He thought he was hated by a large group of the Burmans. His perception was he would think of himself as bait and an easy target so they would trip him, mocking, and making fun of him in the distance thinking that they hate him. In reality it was all just pack of lies he thought to himself because there was one European lady who went in a bazaar by herself and get spit on by the Burmas. Which means that…show more content…
Several of people try to stop him by the causing of things that happen such as the wreck quarter and other things; they must have thought he was not the right guy for it. As he gets closer to tracking the elephant, he started to question people where it has gone, as he gets closer he started to get some vague proof. Questioning people of the east, some people say it went in one direction, others said it went in another, and some said they saw one coming. Till a lady scream about children go away, Orwell perceived and saw a dead body a man with an endurable agonizing death. Orwell saw many corpses with a devilish look, but not one like this he saw a peaceful smile on it. What Orwell perception was he used to see so many deaths that he is use to which is usually gruesome or weird, but in reality when he approaches the corpse he seems to be curious about it and never faced a corpse like this. He started to describe what it look like such as, that is messed up with a great beast footprint that rip the skin off his back, mud on the face, the teeth bared and grinning, and eyes open wide…show more content…
When Orwell sent a man back to get an elephant rifle and forwarded to the rice field, he has foreseen the elephant eating peacefully. He started to walk, halted from a distance, prepare his gun, and all the Burman people started to be happy and shouting excitedly for him because he is about to shoot the elephant. Orwell has no choice he have to shoot because of thousand of Burmans are watching and waiting for him. He assumes that no one liked him, but then the people started to like him when he has a rifle in his hand, which gave him the power of a leader. His perception was that he thought that people around him considered him as a one-man strong leader, but in reality he is just being used to impress the people such as a jouster and his king because he is about to put on a show on, for shooting the elephant to make them happy and after that no one would

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