Similarities Between The Knights Tale And A Knight's Tale

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A Knight’s Tale: film vs. story A Knight’s Tale is a film is about a man who is jousting because that was his passion. “The Knight’s Tale” is about these two men who are fighting to be married to one woman; marriage is the purpose. Although “The Knight’s Tale” and A Knight’s Tale have similarities, it is recognized that the film was loosely based on the short story. Both the film and story involve two men being infatuated with one female they can’t go without, but the females are different from each other. In A Knight’s Tale, Will is captivated by Jocelyn who wants him to lose jousting matches to prove his love to her. Throughout the movie, Jocelyn begins to fall in love with Will and doesn’t want to marry the man her father has planned for her too, also recognized as Will’s jousting competitor. Will and the other man that want Jocelyn aren’t prisoners like the two men in “The Knight’s Tale.” Emily, from “The Knight’s Tale,” doesn’t want to marry either of the two men fighting over her. Instead, the two men fight for a love that will not be returned. (The Canterbury)…show more content…
In “The Knight’s Tale,” the medieval people believe in gods controlling their destiny. They believe that gods hurt and humiliate people for fun. In no way, form, or fashion, do they believe they can control their own destiny. Though in A Knight’s Tale, they believe they control their own destiny. Will uses the term “change our stars” on his quest to become a knight. From the beginning of the story to the end, Will is changing his fate. For example, he was born with a father that fixed roofs. In order to joust, he lied and said he was a nobleman. Even though it wasn’t common for people to believe in their own destiny in the 1370’s, the film still portrays

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