Similarities Between Oedipus And Minority Report

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Sam Parsons Hoover Truth Essay 26 September 2015 The Price of Truth Many institutions in today’s society are based on uncovering truth: our judicial system, research facilities, and even libraries, to name a few. In official settings such as these, there is plenty of routine documentation, procedure, and a general aura of caution and care. But when people are attacking personal truths, such as the ones found in Minority Report directed by Stephen Spielberg and Oedipus by Sophocles, there is often a lack of caution. They are pursuing these truths with an air of recklessness and a need to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible, no matter the consequences. People will sacrifice much to uncover the truth, even if it may compromise them.…show more content…
In both cases, they were accused of committing a murder, and instead of playing it off and trying to move on, they stopped what they were doing and tried to get to the bottom of it. They knew it had the possibility of ending poorly for them, but they put understanding the truth above their position of power. In Minority Report, Iris Hineman tells John, “Sometimes, in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark”. This is exactly the mindset of the two protagonists. They are willing to risk the hatred of their people and possibly being jailed or banished for a chance to see the truth in its pure form. In Oedipus, there was much evidence backing up his original case that he did not commit the murder, enough that his people were convinced, but he personally had his doubts, and so he went ahead and ordered the shepherd to come and talk. He also had the messenger speak out loud about what he knew. Oedipus definitely could have avoided the truth, but instead he faced it head on, and his doubts came to fruition. As he was beginning to put the pieces together in his mind, he asks Jocasta to bring the…show more content…
In Oedipus, he is blissfully ignorant that anything is wrong before he begins looking in the past. He has no recollection of murder, he is in love with his wife, and he is in a position of power. It is not until he goes hunting for the truth that seeds begin to plant themselves and he can no longer sleep at night. Right after he tells Jocasta of his fight with Creon, he has his first realization. After Jocasta tells the story of Laius’ murder, Oedipus says, “My queen, each word that strikes my ear has shattered peace, struck at my very soul”(40). This is the very first time the realization that he may be the killer dawned on him, and he could never go back. The idea was planted, and it grew into a monstrous being that inhabited his every thought. In Minority Report, John was accused of a murder, and instead of running away, he entered the room where he had allegedly shot a man with his gun out, yelling. Agatha told him, “You still have a choice.” But at this point, John had the idea planted in his mind as well. He needed to find out how this went down for himself, because now there was no turning back. Also, Gideon said something that was a good analogy for people like John and Oedipus. He said, “Look at how peaceful they all are. But on the inside...busy, busy, busy.” When John and Oedipus first come in contact with the idea that they might be the killer of

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