Hate Speech Codes: Making School Safe For Gay Students

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Hostile Environment Has Been Forgotten Freedom of speech is the right to speak without restriction by the government which mostly refers to the first amendment of the US constitution. The amendments explain the various restrictions once must have in order to keep an order in the state. Nat Hentoff, in the text “Speech Codes” On the Campus And Problems of Free Speech explains the several controversies when referring to freedom of speech in campuses many which have caused young children to commit suicide, many who have been suffering from “wounding language” and others have caused a minority view. On the other hand, Gerald Uelmen in his text “The Price of Free Speech” Campus Hate Speech Codes” argues that there should be no limiting speech among individuals because it separates and threatens the “real world” and class discussions. Although these points of view can be true there are several opposing…show more content…
James Fleming in his article “Making School Safe for Gay Students” explains the daily battles students often have for being viewed different which relates to the opinions of others. Although hate speech could lead to an artificial world it could prevent many offensive acts that are often forgotten yet have been lead to a tragedy the hate speech can prevent wounding language, hostile environment, and minority views. Education is an important branch in the lives of several young individuals and it must prepare them to the real world yet there is a hostile environment in campuses that are obscuring the goals of many students. Hentoff’s argues that by creating a hate speech code and punishing those who are causing

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