Ray Rice: A Tragic Hero

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An NFL football coach looks for players who he thinks can take him all the way. The Baltimore Ravens found a key player, Ray Rice. In five years (2008-2013) he was able to help and be a main part in the Ravens winning a super bowl title and to beat and set so many records. Until one day a domestic violence crime would put an end to his NFL career. On September 8, 2014 it was finalized that he could not return to the Ravens, but remains a free agent. A tragic hero is someone who has great heroic powers but does something bad to bring them down that turns for the worst. Ray Rice fits the characteristics of a tragic hero because he worked at playing football for years and turned out to be a great player. He eventually ended up being a star player in the NFL playing for the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Rice has more or less ruined his life and reputation on account of the bad decision he made to beat his wife to the point of unconsciousness, which put an end to his football career.…show more content…
The altercation progressed and led to the assault of his wife. He quickly realized he messed up and immediately began to try to wake her up. The elevator door opened he then dragged her out by her feet. She was finally woken up and attended to and he left with the intentions of not coming back. What should have been just a typical husband/wife argument turned out to be something serious and affected many people. Out of the many innocent victims that were affected, the main one was his wife. Although she forgave him for his mistake, she still has to live with the fact that her husband beat her. Ray’s family was also affected because it goes back on them and their parenting. People began to question his parents and how they went wrong somewhere in raising their son, Ray

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