Short Story: Mariana Pushed His Brother Into The Water

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Today Mariana pushed his brother into the water. Arturo only screamed and moved, in that moment his mother heard him, and then they’re mom and dad were running to see what had happened. As Mariana has sustained a lot of time with his brother in the water they spoke to the doctor to review Arturo. When Arturo was quiet Mariana was looking at him without feeling the slightest remorse, but when Arturo woke up he asked his mom a piece of cake and regardless, by the time her mom gave the piece of cake, but when Mariana asked for a piece of cake, her mom only ignored her, Mariana thought that maybe her mom knew what Mariana did, but she did not dare to ask, so she only stayed quiet and sat down without replicate. For Arturo that situation was very…show more content…
Recently, Arturo said things about Mariana and she said "do not say the name of Mariana again". Yesterday, Mariana hanged Arturo with the jumping rope and Arturo ran with her mom to tell her about what Mariana did and his mother reacted in an angry way she scolded Arturo. When his father returned to the house Arturo’s mom told him all the things that Arturo told her about Mariana, that day Arturo was punished. That day Arturo had no cake. So this time that Arturo spoke he didn’t have dessert, in that moment he learned to don’t gossip about Mariana. The other day Mariana asked for a piece of cake, for he didn’t have dessert, her mom pretends that she can’t listen anything, Mariana believes that her mother suspected about the supposed accident of Arturo in the water. Mariana suspected that something was happening in your house because since a month ago Mariana and Arturo treated equally, but now mom and dad celebrated Arturo, Mariana can make all things no matter if they’re good or bad, her parents would not pay attention. So now everything is for Arturo. Marian was already anger and that's why she made all that things to Arturo. So she wants to know what was

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