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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global set of objectives that aim to create equality amongst the world. These goals are interconnected and build upon a previous set of goals called the Millennium goals. The efficient and effective implementation of an SDG requires building partnerships and encouraging pragmatism. This paper will focus on the implementation of the first SDG in the city of La Paz, Bolivia. The main goal of this SDG is the eradication of poverty through the introduction of techniques and methods that facilitate economic equality. Bolivia is a tiny country in South America that covers approximately 1 million Km2 and has a population of about 11 million (Haub, Gribble & Jacobsen, 2012). La Paz covers around 3,700 Km2…show more content…
In South America, the country is considered one of the most politically unstable nations which causes many of its economic problems (Rice, 2016). The country has several natural resources including oil, natural gas, antimony, tungsten, zinc, tin, gold, petroleum, lead and silver (Rist, et al. 2007). With vast deposits of oil and other natural resources the countries capital city stands to benefit from those untapped profits (Rist, et al. 2007). Nonetheless, the political instability and underdeveloped infrastructure impede its economic…show more content…
This is because most of the woes suffered in the city such as mortality rate, malnutrition, and illiteracy stem from poverty. The easiest way to combat poverty is by promoting investment in other economic activities. As of now a lot of La Paz’s inner economic activity stems from street markets and manufacturing. However, as discussed previously the country has massive natural resources that are underexploited (Rist, et al. 2007). These resources would provide a natural source of income for the inhabitants. Nonetheless, there are hindrances to implementing this SDG such as the political instability and corruption. Additionally, since the majority of the population comes from one ethnic group and religion, there may be some problems regarding the suitability of factors that enhance implementation of the SDG (Cleary,

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