Short Story 'De'-Ja Imani Middleton

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De’-Ja Imani Middleton Waking up to a bright shiny day where she couldn’t control her excitement I seeing the man that gave her life. The man that she won't see for a very long time now. Barely beginning to know him and it was the same with school. Five little pigtails bouncing as the little girl stood in the window, toes raised and hands poised on the ledge for support of the little heavy body. She waited desperately for a man that will never come to her. Time past as the small toes grew tired and eventually released the energy given and rested… Frustration sprouted as the little girl ran downstairs to see that everyone was talking to her as is they would when she would hurt herself. They were hugging her but not in a loving way, telling…show more content…
Once I was done I would just stay there for an extra thirty minutes just to piss people off. “Get out of there!” my mom would yell. I would laugh at her stupidity of actually thinking I would do what she told me to. “ Go away” I would mumble just loud enough for her to hear. Just loud enough to hurt her feelings. I didn’t respect her at all. What was the point of it. She was the reason my dad ran away right. All her nagging and yelling. it was just everything, it was just her as a human that made him leave. That is exactly what my idiotic self believed. I was just that stupid, “He ran away.” Reality was he was gone for good and nothing but nature was the blame for it all. Darn you stupid nature. “Where are you going?” She would ask every time i put on my clothes “No where…” i'd just leave out the door and cry. I was old enough to understand what was actually going or and it sucked so bad. Id lay in the grass, feeling the cool warmth of the earth beneath me, inhaling the fresh growth and death all around me, as i sunk in. I understood the grass but never got why it took in a the bs that it did. It just sits there and strives to grow until someone comes along and cuts it back down as if it even asked to be there in the first place. i was the grass, surviving yet

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