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Introduction Good afternoon mrs o and class the topic I have chosen is batman. I chose batman because I am a tad bit obsessed with batman as you can tell because im wearing my batman jacket from DC comics. I have chosen batman forever which was filmed in 1995, batman and robin which was filmed in 1997 and batman begins which was filmed in 2005. I chose these batman films and comics because this is the order in which the films and comics were released. These are images from the covers of each film and comic. Batmans difference in film covers and comics Batman forever- every character features equally although batman is seen to be shows on his own at the top The comic- the riddler and two-face are more dominant whereas robin and batman appear to be…show more content…
By this batman appears to want to avenge the death of his parents which wasn’t evident in batman forever and batman and robin. Batman begins was known to be one of the most successful batmans and Christian bales character was seen to be more batman like. The bat suit The batman suit in batman forever has evolved immensely from the previous batman as in batman forever he had two suits, the panther suit as well as the sonar suit. The panther suit which is a full black suit with a silver bat on the chest. This suit was extremely controversial as this suit was made with nipples and a large codpiece. Although In the comic his suit is fully black with the bat symbol in grey. When the panther suit was burnt by the riddler the sonar suit was made which is black and silver. The shape of this suit is armour like due to its ability to shield batman from getting burnt. In batman and robin batman wears a black and grey suit which a grey bat symbol across the chest, in the film BUT in the comic he wears a grey and black suit with a black and yellow bat

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