Jacob Marley's A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol is one of the Christmas short classic that everyone should know. It’s a simple tale of how a normal guy turns into a cold-hearted, mean fellow. His name is Ebenezer Scrooge. He is confronted with memories of his pasts and the possible outcomes of his actions and is redeemed by making optimistic changes to his life and those of others. This story succeeds in pulling the readers into the story because it touches through emotions; life and death struggle. Scrooge walks up to his office, with a sign that read, “Scrooge and Marley.” Jacob Marley was Scrooge’s business partner who had died seven years ago. As he sat down in his desk, his nephew came in to invite him to a Christmas dinner, which he declined. After his nephew left, a pair of new faces came in to ask Scrooge for money to help out the poors. He was furious and told him that he only donates to prisons and workhouses. He walked home after work, but before he opened the door, he saw Jacob Marley’s face on his doorknocker. He took a double look but sees nothing but a regular doorknocker. He finally opens the door and while he walked up the staircase, he discovered that a funeral vehicle was next to him. He began to rush to his room and locked the door. Jacob Marley appeared through the door, ghostly and in chains. The ghost tells him that he has come from the…show more content…
She’s telling him that she’s breaking off their engagement because greed has taken over Scrooge’s heart. Fast forward, Scrooge sees the middle aged Belle who is reminiscing with her husband about her ex-fiance, Scrooge. The husband commented saying that Scrooge is now a lonely man. Scrooge can no longer bear the sight and begs the ghost to take him back to his home. He began to take the ghost’s hat and put it over a mystical child’s head. Lots of lights came shooting out of nowhere and Scrooge is now back in his bedroom

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