Bureau Veritas Case Study

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Operation management is one of the most problematic sections both in sales and industry department of Bureau Veritas. In industry department, sales employees make money from their provided customers. But they do not take money when they find customer that is job should be completed. Sales employees should take money in terms of revenue. Therefore; these employees say that they find customers but operation management does not complete the process. Therefore; we cannot make profit from the final revenue. This is a big problem for the industry department because of the managers sees sales employees as responsible for the incomplete operations. Also operation managers in industry department cannot find the incomplete operation effectively. The…show more content…
All things can be changed immediately. There is no regulation in the system. It does not look professionally. Inspectors may be sick suddenly. They want to use their annual leave or industry engineers realize that inspector has not enough qualification for the inspection. That is when they give responsibility to inspector for the customer; customer needs cannot be utilized by the inspector due to limited qualification of inspector. It has no ability to make inspection as an inspector. There is very frequent situation for Bureau Veritas. There is another complaint for planning that, Bureau Veritas has lots of customers from different cities in Turkey. Therefore, when inspector works in Kars, next day it cannot go İzmir in a short time. Inspectors face difficulties. These situations change all program unfortunately. This is very harsh condition for the inspector life. Bureau Veritas cannot do anything to permit this condition. As it is mentioned that, if Managers have delays in the system, customers can complained about that and they want to work with another company for the inspection. During the internship in 24 days, each day 3 changes can be happen normally. This is not convenient for the industrial engineers. They cannot optimize the system. There are lots of constraints for the system. But they cannot fix the problem with their engineering skills. Operation manager said “we change…show more content…
Therefore; some works that are related to human resources are going to industry department. This is a waste of time for the planning managers. For example, if department needs new inspector in a short time, human resources should analyze the candidate of inspectors’ CV. But, industry department prepare the CV for the Bureau Veritas (BV) format. After that they analyze the CVs for the hiring new inspectors. But, this is not responsibility of industrial engineers. They already face problems for the planning skills; they should not waste their times effectively. When this responsibility gives me as an intern, managers said that “this is a good way of to understand of what qualification of inspectors. Also what they did for hiring this job. You should understand this and improve your skills compared with these candidates.” But this is not relevant words because there is no way that my career will take form as an inspector. I repeat the same thing that this is a human resource’s

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