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For my Senior Citizen Interview project it was quite difficult to find someone to actually be able to interview but I found my grandma and she is currently Sixty-eight years old. The interview itself took about an hour and a half and helped me learn more about my grandmother that I didn’t know about before. Now without getting into all the thanking for helpings us get closer lets get into the paper. The first question I asked was “what was your house like that you grew up in?” she said after her father had died she had inherited his house which was the house they had when she was little. It is a small white house with three bedroom and one bathroom on about one acre of land split between a front and a back yard. The streets are made of dirt…show more content…
Next I asked her if she got an allowance for doing all this. She had told me that she got about 25 cents a week every now and then. I thought it was awesome that they had pigs that lived at there house in the back yard considering I’ve been to that house multiple times and would have never assumed pigs there. Next I asked “what was your first job?” she told me she was a cashier at a fast food restaurant called Cow Cow Roast Beef and she made $1.25 an hour at the age of 15. I could not believe how little they got paid back then but due to the price change between now and then it would make sense. “Do you believe the present is better or worse than the past?” she likes the present because of the technology but she would prefer to live in the past because she believed that there is to much crime and the prices are to high in the present. “What big events do you remember throughout your life?” she remembers the moon landing and the assassination of President Kennedy. Next I asked, “ What did your family do for holidays normally?” On Thanksgiving all the family would get together and have a big dinner. Then on Christmas they were allowed to open one present on Christmas eve then they would go to church at about 10 o’clock in the evening and get home about midnight and Santa would have

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