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Sea Isle City, New Jersey is equally a relaxing and pleasurable vacation spot for families. Sea Isle City is a small town with a population of only two thousand people. The warm summer months raise the population to as many as forty thousand visitors. This enjoyable town is surrounded by both the captivating bay and the beautiful ocean. Vacationing in Sea Isle City is a marvelous time because of the scenic beaches, delectable eateries and charming rental homes. The beach is the main attraction. Picturesque with warm gray sand and rolling waves of blue water. The ambiance of the beach has a way of welcoming a visitor. Entertainment in Sea Isle is in abundance. One may enjoy kayaking, tubing, parasailing and fishing to name a few enthralling activities. The beach bar Parasol is also a favorite hot spot for those over twenty one. The children can enjoy building nifty sand castles, looking for unique shells, or cooling off in the pleasing water. The beach is not overcrowded, but will be boasting with young and old alike. Whether looking to relax or to be entertained, Sea Isle’s beach is the place to go.…show more content…
O’Donnells Pour House, an Irish pub, will keep make your plate mouth water with true Irish plates including colcannon irish potatoes and Sheppard’s pie. The Lobster Loft and Mike’s Seafood, both overlooking the bay, are the leading seafood restaurants. They both entice customers with freshly caught local seafood. Spinner’s, located on the boardwalk is a traditional favorite. Delectable, thin crust, cheesy pizza paired with a cold towering ice cream cone makes Spinners a family favorite. DeNunzio’s Brick Oven Pizza, another family friendly pizzeria, offers fresh warm brick oven pizza and Italian favorites. The ambiance is a bistro feel with a touch of café. Outdoor seating facing the ocean makes this restaurant attractive to most

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