Scout Finch: Brave Little Heart

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Scout Finch: Brave Little Heart In the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, explains the struggles that occurred in the county of Maycomb and the unfairness between the blacks and the whites. The book describes of the life of Scout and the people that lives in Maycomb. Even though Scout experiences the unfairness that occurred during Tom Robinson’s case, she is still able to grow and stay positive. She is also judged because of the way she dresses as a tomboy by Aunt Alexandra. Scout expresses many characteristics in this book such as bravery, rebellious, and exaggerative. She expresses characteristics that also ties in with her main characteristics such as being naïve, uneasy, and inferable. Scout Finch is a brave tomboy. Aunt Alexandra…show more content…
Jem tells Reverend Syke that Scout doesn’t know anything. Scout says, “I was mortally offended. ‘I most certainly can understand anything you can,’” (Lee 231).Scout denies what Jem said, which was that she doesn’t know anything. This demeanor ties to a rebellious characteristic.Scout is uneasy after what Aunt Alexandra says, but rebels to what she says. Scout says if she could go to Calpurnia’s church, but Aunt Alexandra says no. Scout says that she wasn’t talking to her. Harper Lee writes, “Atticus turned his head and pinned me to the wall with his good eye. His voice was deadly: ‘First apologize to you aunt.’ ‘I’m so sorry, Aunty,’ I muttered. ‘Now then,’ he said, ‘Let’s get this clear: you do as Calpurnia tells you, you do as I tell you, and as long as your aunt’s in this house, you will do as she tells you. Understand?’ I understood, pondered a while, and concluded that the only way I could retire with a shred of dignity was to go to the bathroom, where I stayed long enough to make them think I had to go,” (Lee 148). Scout goes to the bathroom because she didn’t want to feel embarrassed and humiliated after denying Aunt Alexandra and she felt uneasy. Scout is rebellious if she feels that something is wrong or if she doesn’t agree with an idea. After one incident, she feels uneasy after being rebellious to her
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