Examples Of Fake Friends In Julius Caesar

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Fake friends are the worst friends as many can connect to your life now. Julius Caesar could connect that to his ex-friend Marcus Brutus. Brutus was one of the worst friends to have in Rome at the time period. Throughout the play, Brutus is characterized as a fake friend when it comes down to honesty with them. Brutus was being portrayed as Caesar friend but in reality plotting on him, pays attention and easily convinced about letters about his friends, and kills Caesar when later getting hunted by him. The first portrayal of being Caesar friend was when Cassius met with Brutus outside the stadium when Cassius was speaking badly about Caesar and Brutus said he would never do nothing to hurt the one he love his dear Caesar. Then a little after those words Cassius spoke Brutus made the reader believe he was not going to join the conspirators because he said again “ I would not, Cassius yet I love him well.” (1.2.90). The thought of him leaving Cassius alone after down talking his supposed friend Caesar yet more was to come.…show more content…
The letters was from the conspirators faking like the citizens of Rome stating that Brutus was an amazing person and should be leader of Rome. Being a fake friend like Brutus he was highly convinced and said “it must be by his death; and for my part, / I know no person cause to spurn at him,/ But for the general. We could be crowned. / How might that change his nature there’s the question.”2.1.10-14). With just agreeing with the conspirators he went above and beyond and became the leader on the conspirators I find that is a trait of a fake friend to join a group against your

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