Medical Marijuana Argumentative Analysis

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Methodology: To answer the overall question of the article, of whether or not medical marijuana should be legalized on a federal level, I looked to a variety of sources. First, I decided to search numerous sources for some background and context on the topic of medical marijuana, and how some people in the government feel towards its legalization. I found most of this background information on,,, and As for the way the states feel compared to the government, I found on However, as for the ethical background, I found that on Then, I looked into why some people agree, while others disagree with regulating it on a medical level. The benefits of legalizing it were found on and On the other hand, I found the…show more content…
I also discovered a compelling story about a boy who wants to use medical marijuana to combat the hundreds of seizures he experiences every day, and I found that on With all of this in mind, I made my final decision on whether or not medical marijuana should be legalized for patient use. In the end, I also used an article about a man who was fired from his job for using medical marijuana, and I found that on Findings: Medical marijuana has both its risks and benefits. For instance, some believe that medical marijuana should not be legalized. As the literature review stated, some believe that medical marijuana gives the youth the wrong idea. They say that if a child’s parents used marijuana, then the kid would not be hesitant to try it also, as the parent had no

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